Bio-buzz Club

The aim of Bio-buzz Club is to make its members aware of the current environmental issues plaguing our society and world at large and empower its member to contribute significantly to the society by doing various activities. One of the few challenges that the club plans to take up is to deal with waste, especially e-waste generated in the school and at home. Through these activities the students will learn dignity of labour and at the same time feel empowered to contribute to SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN, thereby making Muzaffarnagar a better place to live in.

Culinary Art

The objective of culinary club is to introduce interested students to the fascinating world of Food. It focuses to give children a sound grounding in cookery, discover a passion for food and find the fun and satisfaction in creating a healthy and appealing meal, that's based upon the involvement of all five human senses.

Economics Society

The objective of this Society is for every member to be able to analytically and critically solve complex problems, to be skilled in observation and inference from data and to be adept in presenting ideas in compelling writing and speech. The Economics Society aims at developing among members an understanding of nation’s physical and human resources and their potentiality for economic development in order to imbibe favourable attitude towards conservation and judicious use of scarce resources for effective participation in the task of economic reconstruction.

Editorial Board

“It is important to see the world through the eyes of maximum perspectives.”

With this thought in mind, the Editorial Board was formed in St. Xavier’s Global School and it soon became an integral part of the system. The aim is to train young teenagers to be able to pen down their thoughts and write articles on topics most relevant to the generation of today. The Editorial team also collects articles from students of high school to add to the coveted St Xavier' yearbook, which has always aimed to present the students as the face of the school. Reading of ‘editorials’ and works by writers of various editorial boards is encouraged.

Graphics and Web Art

Graphics has emerged as a full fledged art form, especially with digitization touching every sphere of our life, It is also becoming a skill to reckon with and desired in every student who is equipping himself to face the 21st century. The club encourages students to hone their creativity in digital media. Students also explore latest trends and techniques in web designing.

Heritage Walk Club

The club strives to encourage an appreciation for heritage of India. It encourages discussions and debates related to the same. It also involves excursions to heritage sites to encourage students to study and appreciate the heritage monuments. An important aspect of the club is to encourage awareness about the cultural heritage of India.

Idea to Implement

Objective of this club is to motivate children to develop an idea related to any field and the process of implementing this idea in the form of an enterprise.

Students are bubbling with innovative ideas but lack the formal training to develop the idea in the form of a business. In this club the child is taught to develop an abstract idea and convert it into a reality by mobilising resources. They are trained in aspects like making project reports, identifying the resources needed to implement the idea, procurement of resources, communication skills, organisational skills and marketing skills.

Management Club

Management club aims to develop the art and science of managing the men, material, method and markets.The club aims to inform students about the latest economic happenings and its impact on the world economy. Case study method and in-depth discussions are the ways in which students grasp the interplay of various dimensions of business. Business models, Stock market and Goverments policies are studied in detail to develop the analytical skill of the students.

MUN Club

The club was introduced in 2015-16 with an aim to provide a platform to the aspiring students interested in international happenings - Burning problems related to social –religious-political issues, Human Rights, International Security, Environmental Conservation and many more. MUN provides a platform to gain insight into politics (international), hone their persuasive and communicative skills, handle crisis situations and work together to find viable solutions related to problems around us.

This club gives opportunities to students to explore their minds, thinking process and brainstorm to solve problems and find solutions. In the process, they become critical thinkers, planners and reformers.

Who knows some of them may turn out to be great leaders and thinkers in different spheres-nationally or internationally!

Personality Grooming

Photography Club

Poet’s Society

Public Speaking Club